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Tabletop Tales


I’m starting a Youtube channel name is Tabletop Tales.

I’m a Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master for two separate groups, playing in a homebrewed (home-made) setting together. My videos are mostly going to be me telling the stories that my players and I have created together, as well as details about how I made the world they play in, the important plot points happening as a result of their actions or inaction, what I think will happen next, etc.

As for color, font, etc, I’m very open to ideas. My best idea so far is to have the text of the logo be three capital Ts, TTT, with the full words between, and I think it would be cool to have a minimalist book involved somehow in the logo and the banner.

Maybe the font could be similar to the D&D font, like a flowing script?

I’m partial to the idea of an open book being involved somehow, as well as a D20 die.